Living & Working Abroad

Living & Working Abroad

With dark clouds continuing to darken the country’s economy, and little in the way of actual sunshine, the lure of relocating abroad has never been stronger. Life as an expat can be challenging, but with sound advice and plenty of planning there’s no reason why you can’t still have a new life abroad.

Big Fat Expat has one simple goal; and that's to help you build a successful life overseas. We have teamed-up with experienced expats who have ‘been there and done that’ to provide practical advice on relocating to a foreign country.

You’ll find expert articles on everything from living and working abroad to dealing with foreign finances, as well as individual country guides. In addition to providing no-nonsense advice we are developing an Expat Forum, where you can share expat chat with other like-minded people.

They say that every journey starts with a single step, and while we are launching with a small website, we have got big plans. Of course none of the above could happen without you’re help and we would love to hear your feedback along with ideas for articles you would like to see added to the site.

So whether you’re dreaming about a heading out to sunnier climes, or are already living the dream and, the Big Fat Expat is here to help.